Toyako Marathon (洞爺湖マラソン)

2015 41st Toyako Marathon on May 17

Toyako Marathon (洞爺湖マラソン)

Lake Toya is home to a huge number of sporting activities all year round, from skiing in winter to IRONMAN in summer. One of the lake’s popular springtime sporting events is the Toyako Marathon, held just as the famous cherry blossom season begins.

17th May 2015 will see the 41st marathon, where participants can run anywhere from a less demanding 5km to the full 42.195km distance around the lake. With unbeatable scenery, balmy weather and music to help you on your way, Toyako Marathon is an irresistible event in any runner’s calendar.

All those interested in taking part must register online by 27th February at Toyako Marathon.



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