• Toya International Festival 2015/Sep./27

      On Sunday 27th of September 2015 the Toya International Festival will be held at Lake Toya Mizu no Eki. You can experience Japanese traditional culture and watch different kinds… Read More »

  • Toyako Marathon (洞爺湖マラソン)

    Toyako Marathon (洞爺湖マラソン) Lake Toya is home to a huge number of sporting activities all year round, from skiing in winter to IRONMAN in summer. One of the lake’s popular… Read More »

  • Japanese Customs

    For many people, coming to Hokkaido is not just about the amazing snow in winter or the great outdoor life of summer; experiencing Japanese culture is a big part of… Read More »

  • 51st Noboribetsu Hell Festival

    51st Noboribetsu Hell Festival (51st Noboribetsu Jigoku Matsuri) Date: August 30 (Sat)-31 (Sun), 2014 This is a cheerful event in which the door to “Hell” of Jigokudani, a famous place in… Read More »

  • IRONMAN JAPAN Hokkaido 2014/August/24(Sunday)

    Featuring breathtaking views around Lake Toya, this destination race provides a unique glimpse of Japan. Event Details Race Day Sunday 24 August 2014 Race Venue Lake Toya, HOKKAIDO Pref. JAPAN… Read More »

  • Toya Summer Festival 2014/7/26(Sat.) 洞爺夏まつり 2014年7月26日 土

    2014年7月26日土(Sat.) 洞爺夏まつりToya Summer Festival 水の駅で実施される夏の風物詩。 聖徳太子祭典及び稚児行列、山車、香川県旧財田町 から伝承文化「ちょうさ」、よさこいの郷土芸能が 同市街地をパレード他。 問い合わせ先 0142-82-5277 洞爺まちづくり観光協会 Summer feature to be implemented at the station of water. Bronc matrix and Prince Shotoku festival, floats, Kagawa Prefecture… Read More »

  • The 32nd of Yakumo Andon Festival 八雲山車行列

    The 32nd of Yakumo Andon Festival 八雲山車行列 開催日程:平成26年7月4日(金)・5日(土) Event Date: 2014/July/4(Friday)&5(Saturday) ※ 雨天中止あり。※ There is canceled in case of rain. 雨天時は開催スケジュールが変更となりますので、ご注意下さい 7月4日 スケジュール(通常開始時) 18:40 開会式 Opening Ceremony 19:00 山車出発(八雲町立図書館・最終は19:50出発予定)(Departure is Yakumo Municipal Library and final)… Read More »

  • 2014 Toyako Manga Anime Festival

    TOYAKOマンガ・アニメフェスタ2014  2014 Toyako Manga Anime Festival  ■開催日Date: 2014年6月21日(土)・22日(日) 2014/June/21&22 ■TMAFパンフレットについて ■イベント内容(予定): 6月21日(土) June/21 (Saturday) 09:00~22:30 更衣室開放 Dressing room open 10:00 開会式 Opening Ceremony 10:00~17:00 洞爺地区会場開放(連絡バス・周遊バスあり) Toya district venue open 10:00~17:00 キーワードラリー Larry keyword Exhibition! 10:00~17:00 GAINAXがTMAFに来たぜ!展(洞爺湖文化センター)… Read More »

  • ROXY crew

    Thanks ROXY crew. We are glad the team enjoyed their Lakehouse At Toyako experience. Also, thanks to our friends Hokkaido Back Country and Niseko Gourmet.  

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