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Where is the Lakehouse at Toyako?
What is the average temperature and weather in Toyako?


How do I book the Lakehouse at Toyako?
What is the price for staying at the Lakehouse?
Does the quoted price include taxes?
Is it possible to book individual rooms in the Lakehouse?
How far in advance can reservations be made? Do you have a waiting list?
What are my payment options?
How do I pay and secure my booking?
What is your cancellation and amendment policy?
Who do I contact if there is a problem with my booking?
What are the check in and out procedures and times?
Is it possible to arrive and depart outside of these times?
Is a security deposit required?
What happens if I break or damage an item in the Lakehouse?
What are the office opening hours?


How many bedrooms are there at the Lakehouse?
Are the bedrooms and bathrooms western or Japanese style?
Do the rooms come with air-conditioning/heating?
What is the full capacity of the Lakehouse?
What is Lakehouse at Toyako’s policy on pets?
What is Lakehouse at Toyako’s policy on smoking?
Is the Lakehouse at Toyako wheelchair accessible?
Is there parking at the Lakehouse?
What amenities are included?
Are WiFi and phones available at the Lakehouse?
What are the catering options at the Lakehouse?
Can I get groceries delivered ready for my arrival?
Is a maid service provided?
Does the Lakehouse at Toyako provide a laundry service?
Is there a safe at the Lakehouse? Are there areas to store luggage and equipment?
Is the accommodation suitable for young children?
Is it possible to send my luggage ahead?
What happens if I accidentally leave something at the Lakehouse?


What services and activities can the Lakehouse offer?
What additional activities and sights are at Toyako?
Is ski rental available at the Lakehouse?
Where are the best ski slopes in the area? Are there courses for beginners and children?
Are there any onsen nearby?
What festivals and events are on during the year in Toyako and the surrounding area?


Surrounding Area
Can you recommend any nearby restaurants?
Where is the nearest bank and ATM?
Where is the nearest hospital or medical facility?
How can I get to Toyako and the Lakehouse?


I would like to view the art at the Lakehouse. Can I turn up on the day or do I have to book in advance?
Can I buy the art on display at the Lakehouse?
We are considering booking the Lakehouse at Toyako as the venue for our wedding. Do you have a wedding company partner?
I am taking part in IRONMAN. What facilities does the Lakehouse provide for athletes?


Useful Kanji
Useful Kanji

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