51st Noboribetsu Hell Festival

51st Noboribetsu Hell Festival (51st Noboribetsu Jigoku Matsuri)

Date: August 30 (Sat)-31 (Sun), 2014

This is a cheerful event in which the door to “Hell” of Jigokudani, a famous place in Noboribetsu Onsen meaning “hell valley,” opens once a year and Yama (the King of Hell), a red ogre and a blue ogre come to the town. Yama (King of Hell)-shaped floats and huge ogre-shaped portable shrines parade around the town as ogres dance in groups and local forms of folk entertainment are performed for the crowds.

2014 51st Noboribetsu Hell Festival

Check the official website on Noboribetsu Tourist Association for more info about the events.

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